V63A8122Brussels. Homicide detective Leo Woeste lives together with his girlfriend Kathleen and her five year old son Jack. Day after day Leo is confronted with the grim underbelly of the city. He tries to protect himself by balancing his job with his family life.

When Kathleen gets pregnant unexpectedly, Leo starts loosing control. He accepts one last case, the murder of a young Congolese he can’t seem to solve. There’s his new hedonistic colleague Johnny Rimbaud and the affair with Aysha, the attractive victim’s sister.Everything seems to pull him away from Kathleen and from his role as a father, deeper and deeper into the waste land.

Director Pieter Van Hees

10.1 PIETERAfter graduating in Literature, PIETER VAN HEES (Belgium, 1970) started film school in Brussels. He made several short films with strong festival careers before embarking on a trilogy of features called Anatomy of Love and Pain, in which writer-director Van Hees dissects all aspects of a relationship: Left Bank (2008) – Dirty Mind (2009) – Waste Land (2014). The way his films combine a highly original way of storytelling with a very visual style makes Pieter Van Hees a quite unique voice in Belgian cinema.

Filmography Pieter Van Hees

WASTE LAND (2014) Feature film, with Jérémie Renier
Festival SELECTIONS// Toronto IFF – Vanguard, Ghent IFF in Competition

Feature film, with Wim Helsen
Festival SELECTIONS// Karlovy Vary, Montréal (Nouveau Monde), Valladolid, Oldenburg, Austin Fantastic Fest, Reykjavik, Magnolia Pictures Action Fest, Holland Film Festival, Paris (Etrange Festival), Guadalajara, Funchal…
Festival AWARDS // Variety’s Ten European Directors To Watch – IFF Karlovy Vary // Award Grand Jury + Award Jeunes Rechercheurs – Bordeaux Festival //

LEFT BANK (2008)
Feature film, with Matthias Schoenaerts, Eline Kuppens, 
Festival SELECTIONS// Edinburg Film Festival, Oldenburg, Valencia, Austin Fantastic Fest, New York (Gotham Festival), Holland Film Festival, Cucaloris (North Carolina), Philadelphia, Sitges, Leeds, Paris (Etrange Festival), Lissabon, Montréal (Fantastic Fest), Kopenhagen, Neuchatel, Malaga…
Festival AWARDS // Silver Melies best European Horror Film + Prix Mad – Film Festival Neuchatel // Best Actress + Best photography – Gotham Screen Festival New York // Grand Prix for Best Film – Malaga Fancine Festival //

PENALTY (2000)
TV- Film (50min) VPRO (Holland)
Starring Peter Van den Begin & Nele Bauwens
Short film, with Don Warrington, Manou Kersting, Rochelle Gadd 
Festival SELECTIONS// Locarno Film Festival, London, Raindance, Chicago, Seattle, Clermond Ferrand, Berlin, Houston, … 
Festival AWARDS// Pixel Award for best film – Hollywood 2001 // Special Jury Award – Houston Festival // Silver Award – Interfilm Berlin // Audience Award – Leuven Short Film Festival //

Animation short film with Jean-Claude Van Damme
Festival SELECTIONS/, e.g. New Directors/New Cinema-Festival New York

Executive producer Eurydice Gysel

EurydiceGysel_Tall2014 Johnny Walker (executive producer)
2014 The Missing (Series) (executive producer)
2014 Waste Land (producer)
2014 Supernova (co-producer)
2013 The White Queen (Series) (executive producer-
2013 L’étrange couleur des larmes de ton corps (co-producer)
2013 Borgman (co-producer)
2012 Perfect Drug (Short) (executive producer) / (producer)
2011 Rivers Return (Short) (executive producer)
2010 Somewhere to Disappear (Documentary) (co-producer)
2010 22 mei (producer)
2009 A Gentle Creature (Short) (producer)
2007 Small Gods (co-producer)
2007 Ex Drummer (producer)

Filmography Epidemic

Feature film by Pieter Van Hees
Festival SELECTIONS// IFF Toronto 2014 – Vanguard, Ghent IFF in Competition 2014

Experimental short film by Silvia Defrance
in post-production.

Feature film by Tamar Van den Dop
Festival SELECTIONS // Release 2014 the Berlin Film festival – Official selection GENERATION

BORGMAN (2013)
Feature film by Alex Van Warmerdam
Festival SELECTIONS// Official Competition Cannes 2013,
Premiere in competition at IFF Ostend 2013,
Official Selection IFF Toronto 2013 – Vanguard

Feature film by Hélène Cattet & Bruno Forzani
Festival SELECTIONS// Selected for the Official Locarno International Film Festival 2013, Official Selection IFF Toronto 2013 – Vanguard, Official Competition IFF Ghent 2013

Short film by Toon Aerts
Festival SELECTIONS // Leuven Short Film Festival 2012
Image Film Festival 2013, Offscreen Film Festival 2013, BIFFF 2013

Short film by Joe Vanhoutteghem
Festival SELECTIONS // Leuven Short Film Festival, Brussels Film Festival 2012, Ostend Film Festival, Festival del Film Locarno, Abu Dhabi Film Festival, NYC Shorts 2013, Braunschweige Film Festival,…
Festival AWARDS // Cinematic Achievement Award Thess Short FF

22 MEI (2010)
Feature film by Koen Mortier
Sold to Benelux (Cinéart), Italy, Germany, France, Macedonia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Australia, New Zealand
Festival SELECTIONS // for more than 20 film festivals around the world, among others Toronto, Ghent, Rotterdam, Hong Kong, Seattle, Sitges, Oldenburg, ….
Festival AWARDS // WINNER Best Script – Baghdad IFF – October 2011 // WINNER Golden Owl – Leeds IFF – October 2011 // WINNER Golden Palm – Mexico IFF 2011

Short film by Mireille Verboomen
Festival SELECTIONS // World Film Festival Montréal, Be Film Festival Brussels, Abitibi-Témiscamingue IFF, Brussels International Independent Film Festival, Amiens IFF and Vancouver French Film Festival,…

Documentary by Arnaud Uyttenhove & Laure Flammarion
Festival SELECTIONS // HotDocs Toronto, Fipa Biarritz, Transatlantyk Film Festival, Hamptons Films Festival, TIFF Poland, Izmir Film Festival, Rencontres d’Arles, Bosh Art Film Festival.

Short film by Marc Roels
Festival SELECTIONS // Melbourne International Film Festival Filmfestival Oostende, Nederlands Film Festival, Festival International du Film Francophone de Namur, L’Aquila International Film Festival, Les Utopiales Nantes, Festival International Séquence Court-Métrage. Festival AWARDS // Best Short Film – Film Festival Ghent, Prize of the Jury – Leuven Short Film Festival,

Feature film by Koen Mortier
Festival SELECTIONS // for more than 20 film festivals around the world, among others Rotterdam, Edinburgh, Karlovy Vary and Toronto. 
Sold to more than 18 countries, e.g. US, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain
Festival AWARDS // WINNER Prize of the Jury – Warsaw Filmfestival // WINNER Best Debut Feature Raindance Filmfestival // WINNER Public Prize Fantasy Filmfest Germany // WINNER Gold Award at Fantasia Film Festival Montreal.