Leo woest

Jérémie Renier (1981) made his debut in ‘La Promesse’, the widely acclaimed film by Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne. He gathered fame with the films ‘Brotherhood of the Wolf’ by Christophe Gans , and ‘L’enfant’ and ‘La Silence de Lorna’, both directed by the brothers Dardenne. Recently he played the main character in ‘Elefante Blanco’ by Argentinian director Pablo Trapero, which was selected for the ‘Certain Regard’ in Cannes in 2012 and „Bergé” in the film Saint Laurent by Bertrand Bonello in main competition in Cannes 2014.


Natali Broods, set of Waste Land (Pieter Van Hees - Epidemic)

Kathleen Woeste

Natali Broods (1976) is well-known for her performance in the films ‘The Misfortunates’ (De Helaasheid der Dingen) by Felix Van Groeningen, ‘Someone Else’s Happiness’ by Fien Troch and ‘S’ by Guido Henderickx. For her role in Tom Barman’s feature film ‘Any Way the Wind Blows’, she was given the ‘Joseph Plateau prize’ for Best Belgian Actress. In 2011 she played in ‘Swooni’ by Kaat Beels. She’s part of the artistic team at theatre company De Koe.



Aysha Tshimanga

Babetida Sadjo (1983) was born in Bafatá, Africa and moved to Vietnam when she was 12 years old. That’s where she discovered theatre and started taking acting classes. When she was 16, Babetida moved to Belgium and in 2007 she graduated from the Brussels Royal Conservatory. ‘Protéger et servir’ by Eric Lavaine, ‘Einstein était un réfugié’ by Solange Cicurel and ‘Ombline’ by Stéphane Cazes are the latest feature films she played in.



Johnny Rimbaud

Peter Van Den Begin (1964) is an actor, TV maker and director. In Belgium, he acquired fame making television programmes ‘Raf and Ronny’, ‘Fans’ and ‘Debby and Nancy’ with his colleague Stany Crets. He starred in the films ‘The fifth season’, ‘Allez Eddy’ and ‘Frits and Franky’, as well as in the series ‘Deadline 14/10’ and ‘Met Man en Macht’.



Jean Perdieus

Peter Van den Eede is a Flemish actor and theatre maker. In 1989 he founded theatre company ‘De Koe’, together with Bas Teeken. Apart from theatre productions, you can watch him perform in the feature films ‘Left Bank’ (Linkeroever) and ‘Dirty Mind’, both directed by Pieter Van Hees. Recently he played in ‘Death of a shadow’ (Dood van een schaduw), a short film nominated for the Oscars.




Mourade Zeguendi begins his career as a theatre actor for independent theatre companies ‘Les Glandeurs’ and ‘Union Suspecte’, which he co-founded both in 2002 and 2003. He embodied roles in ‘Taxi 4’, ‘JCVD’, and played the main role in ‘Les Barons’ by Nabil Ben Yadir. Furthermore he acted in ‘Offline’ by Peter Monsart and in the television series ‘De Vijfhoek’.