Waste Land won 4 Flemish Ensor Awards

Waste Land led the field at the Flemish Film Awards by winning 4 Ensors‬ for Best Direction & Script by Pieter van Hees and Best Performances by Peter Van den Begin & Babetida Saidjo! Congrats!

Read all about it through this link.

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Two Magrittes nominations for Waste Land

wl mag

Les Magritte du Cinéma nominated Waste Land for Best Flemish Film and Babetida Sadjo for Best supporting actrice! Congrats to Pieter & Babetida and tune in on February 6th on BeTV (Belgium) to watch the show!‪#‎MDC2016‬

First screening of 2016 at CC Merksem

We’re still going strong in 2016! The first screening of the year will be at CC Merksem in Antwerp on January 26th & 27th! ‪#‎joinus‬ ‪#‎wasteland‬

You can find tickets and info on their website.

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Last screening of the year at Be Film Festival

Mexican premiere at Macabro Film Festival!

¡Fantástico! Waste Land will have its Mexican premiere at Macabro Film Festival on August 27th & 28th! ‪#‎wasteland‬

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Vote for the soundtrack of Waste Land!

You can vote for Waste Land’s soundtrack composed by Simon Lenski as YOUR favourite score of the past year and it might just win the World Soundtrack Public Choice Award in October in Ghent!  ‪#‎justdoit‬

You can register your vote through this link! 

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German premiere at Oldenburg Filmfestival

Join us for an open air screening of Waste Land on Saturday June 8th at Flagey!

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Waste Land is available on iTunes now!

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Screening on Thursday May 14th in Brussels @ Nationa(a)l Cinema

Nationa(a)l is excited to share with you its Cinema programme for the 2015 edition! Film screenings will take place at 68, Rue des Laines. All the film screenings are organised in collaboration with GALERIES and SABAM For Culture. Waste Land will be screened at 7PM on Thursday May 14th.

Ticket to the entire Expo = Ticket for Cinema!
You can find all info on their event page: Nationa(al) // Cinema Programme.


Waste Land Dvd out now!


Waste Land in the top 5 Metrotime 2015


Cineuropa Prize!


Waste Land wins the Cineuropa prize at filmfestival Les Arcs !

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Cineuropa ”A gripping investigation in the midst of darkness”


Cinema Zed Leuven

CZAR     3457-20141128123723

Review Metro NL/FR

CZAR     3457-20141126113342

CZAR     3457-20141126113737

Pieter Van Hees about his dark trip ”Waste Land”

CZAR     3457-20141125103442

Interview Humo Pieter Van Hees

CZAR     3457-20141124100213

CZAR     3457-20141124095811

Win 100x tickets Knack

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Waste Land Les Arcs filmfest competition

Les arcs

Review by Stijn Terrie


Article ”Le Soir”

Le SOIR Wasteland - 2014-10-21

Waste Land officially selected in Ghent.

De Standaard

Interview with Natali Broods about Waste Land


Screening times for Waste Land International Filmfestival in Pusan


Review By Andrew Parker


Renier, sporting a craggy visage and imbuing his character with belvable tics, and Broods, who does an exceptional job conveying the kinds of mixed feelings that can only come from deep love for someone, have a great chemistry that makes their scenes together pop. The mystery stuff is interesting enough and gorgeously shot, but this is a film that’s about personal relationships more than whodunit.

Review By Andrew Parker


Interview Jérémy Renier RTBF

Review by Tiff

Schermafbeelding 2014-09-05 om 20.56.01

Review by Glenn Sumi